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Google and the other major search engines are now changing more than ever before. They are getting very, very clever with the aim of mimicking and anticipating human behaviour. Much more weight nowadays is placed on 'content'.

It is all extremely logical... When you read a book, it is not about how easy it was to find it, how it smells or how the cover shouted out to you, it is really about the content inside, the content of the book, the story. It is this story that makes us not want to put a book down or start a new one.
People enjoy good content, and now, so do search engines and it will only get more so.

What is good content?

Well, similar to a good story, good content is written, pictorial, aural or video content that engages with a visitor in such a way that they absorb this content and are therefore likely be receptive to the next step, which is usually some sort of action on your website such as filling out their email address, signing up as a subscriber or purchasing your product or service.

Furthermore, this content has to be seen as relevant to the topic of the site, be married up with good on-page SEO and should be as easy to read as a book and not just stuffed with your business keywords or key phrases.

RS8 are experts at content. So much so, we have our own very successful spin-off site at Content Marketing Company.

You can trust us to work with you on ascertaining and then creating the best, most impactful and relevant content for your site.

Content Creation

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