Content Marketing Strategy
A content marketing strategy looks at the buyer’s journey and their personas in detail and defines the best ways to use content to satisfy the marketing and business goals by looking at all the different touch points. A content marketing strategy looks at how content marketing is used in a strategic way.

When creating an effective strategy we will consider at least the following:
  • What are the Buyer Personas and what forms of content best resonates with them?
    This looks at the most relevant information needed to satisfy all the different buyers that would intereact with your business and where will they best be served this content along their buyer journey.
  • Which of the current marketing and general business goals can be enhanced by use of a content marketing strategy?
    Examples are email marketing, social media marketing, traffic building, conversion optimization, lead generation and customer service which can all be improved by strategic use of content and content marketing.
  • How to match up results of the strategy with other marketing metrics and KPIs?
    It is important to find common metrics between all of the different marketing departments to better gauge the ROI.
  • Who will perform the ongoing strategy?
    There is a need to look at internal or external resources to implement the strategy itself.
  • Are things changing in your sector?
    Can the content marketing be adapted or steamlined for evolution of your marketing in your sector.
  • Where is the budget used best?
    Knowing where to invest in content more relevant for your buyer personas.

Content Marketing Strategy
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