Content Sharing
OK, so you have some great content, whether it was created by us, yourselves or a third party and you now need to get this great new content out  in the world wide web.

It sounds simple enough but you need to consider who you are targeting with each particular message and also how to best get the content in front of their eyes. We can help you with a full content marketing strategy but  at the very least you may wish to submit your quality content in areas such as these:

  • Your own website!
    • Amazing how many people forget about this...
  • Newsletters
    • Share your good work out with your existing database
  • Blogs
    • On your own site and/or relevant content 3rd party blogs
  • Article sites
    • Websites that specialise in content such as yours, designed to carry your message to eager eyeballs
  • Social Media channels
    • Now a huge opportunity but it is a minefield that we can guide you through

Sharing your new content on your own website allows for consistency as the visitor expects to see it and you can use a Call-to-Action to entice them to interacting with you further and perhaps more easily than on a standalone 3rd party site.

Blogs are now extremely common and some are very successful. You can share your content on your own blog or on other blog sites that may be relevant to your target audience so that it reaches the right people.

Articles sites are similar to blogs but tend to be specialists in offering one-off content that reaches out to an audience as opposed to a sequence of content. This form of content syndication is proving both popular and successful.

Social Media channels are now the most common recepticles of good content. The main problem here is getting the message right for people with very short attention spans, choosing the right channels to use at the right time, and makng sure you do not damage your brand by attracting the wrong audience at the wrong time or not responding to customer interaction in good time which can also be damaging.

Let RS8 help you with your content sharing. Get it right, get it out and enjoy the benefits.

Content Sharing
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