Google Adwords PPC
Google is quite comfortably the largest and most frequented search engine on the planet. Google allows you to place Ads directly in the eyeballs of people who are searching for your exact product or service.

Although simple in its premise, having Google Adwords PPC Ads that afre truly effective is actually a time-consumng and complicated process. It is now not enough to simply create an Ad that 'willl do'. Your Ad needs to stand out againstĀ  possibly huge amounts of competition, resonate with the prospect, entice them to click on it and then lead them to a page that follows up why they clicked the Ad in the first place.

Google Adwords campaigns prove successful for reasons such as:
  • They are proven to attract more customers to your business
  • You are able to target your campaign to any geographical location even at town level
  • You get your Ad shown to the right people at the right time just as they are searching for what your business offers
  • You only pay when somebody clicks on your Ad or in-Ad phone number

You are also now able to effectively remarket to users who have previously interacted with you. Google Adwords Remarketing can be very powerful as it can track a previous user on across other websites and show them your Ad still, even perhaps the last product that they looked at on your side.

The complication with any PPC advertising on Google arises as you need to have the best, most impactful Ad possible, select the best targeting to achieve the maximum ROI, entice people to click on the Ad, and then show them a landing page which consistantly resonates with them to aid in conversions.
Google Adwords PPC Advertising

You can have the best Ad ever created but you must see this followed through to ensure that you have the best chance of converting the click and thereby lowering your cost of acquisition. RS8 can also create bespoke landing pages for the campaign aimed at capturing the customer data.

RS8 can conduct your campaign for you from start to finish leaving you the time to focus on other important business matters.

Remarketing with Google Adwords
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