On Site SEO
On-Site SEO ensures that your website pages are optimised for search engine friendliness, which helps with your site generally but also improves the ranking of all of your pages within search engines like Google.

You may get bombarded with emails from companies or individuals trying to scare you with techical SEO statements designed to make you believe that  to not undertake their SEO services would be the end of yout business. We even get these ourselves and it is very frustrating.

SEO is actually realy simple in its premise. It is just making sure that your website is created and the content written in such a way that the search engines, primarily Google, recognise it as being relevant to your topic. It really is NOT rocket science. If it is informative and educational and confirms to Googles guidelines and reads easy to the eye then all is good.

More and more, the real difference between your site and your competitors' rankings is the quality of the content employed within it.
We can advise on the best possible content strategy and also make sure that all the usual basics are at least covered, such as:

  • Correct use of titles and descriptions and header tags (H1, H2, etc)
  • Correctly tagged images
  • Content that reads well and is actually aimed at humans (!) yet still contains your business's key words and phrases
  • Use of interlinking to help build up the importance of all of the pages within your site

On-Site SEO
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