In short, backlinks are inbound links from another website into your own site.

High quality backlinks are important for your site, blogs or specific pages to rank highly in the search engines. Once you have some unique content, you need an effective website backlinking strategy that will accomplish this.

Good  backlinks are those links to your website pages that originate from other high quality, authority sites. If Google sees incoming links from authority sites with similar content  into your own it will understandably ascertain that your site is relevant to those keywords and phrases and therefore rank your assets higher.

The order of quality with backlinking is:
  • Links inbound from high ranking sites with similar high-quality content
  • Links inbound from sites with similar content
  • Links inbound from high ranking sites
  • Inbound links from any site so long as it is NOT  in a 'bad neighbourhood'*

Once you get the website backlinking strategy right you will actually attract other inbound links from other high-quality content websites.

RS8 use many different strategies to ensure that you get the best results. There is no fast way of diong this. Indeed, the links themselves must be added in over time as Google and others may get suspicious when they see a flurry of new links into a page or site.

You can leave the strategy to us and rest assured that your site is in safe hands.

Backlinking and backlinks Strategy

* A bad neighbourhood is a term used to identify sites which are identifed as suspicious by Google and others by virtue of their links to other sites, such as spam sites. To have links from bad neighbourhoods could be damaging to your overall ranking. It is therefore important to avoid them. RS8 uses strategies that have NO risk at all of this happening. In the long run, it is far better to be safe than sorry. Do not be persuaded or hoodwinked by those promising a plethora of inbound quality links to boost your ranking.. any such words or marketing spiel sounds unrealistic and dangerous.

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